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by Spewtilator

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Grim Winds (GW04) - 160 cassettes on green shells
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Josh Freemon at Dead Sound
Wizard art by Schmudenhaven


released January 1, 2010

Chris - Drums
Rafay - Guitar
Ryan - Bass / Vocals



all rights reserved


Spewtilator Atlanta, Georgia

Smoked out, beer soaked headbangers belching burrito death breath since '07. No politics, no retro bullshit, just gore-drenched worship of the fastest riffs.

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Track Name: Super Ghouls N Ghosts
In the graveyard creatures dwell, spewed forth unto this earth from the pits of hell, coffins regurgitate the dead, i hurl a fucking lance right through their heads. I board the ghost ship by moonlight, spectres lie in wait, in the name of thine kingdom by dagger and flame send these fuckers back to their graves, surfing an ocean of torment, shredding whirlpools of hate, onward into the dungeon of death, the reaper holds my fate. Battling through satan's anus, i face the hydra of hell, fireballs scorching my armor but in dealing with dragons i excel. Traversing the frozen tundra, Sardius awaits, conquest for glory and honor but mostly for babes. Evading boners of flame, with my axe i take aim, my armor is smashed but i'm still kicking ass.
Track Name: Spacebag
Raging hard, late as fuck, high as shit and fucking drunk until I opened the fridge door and realized the beer was no more. In a drunken rage I cursed the skies when suddenly to my surprise a meteor fell to the ground, you won't believe what we found. Cardboard box engulfed in flames, bag of space booze is what it contained, so we drank the crimson grog, a gift sent down by the party gods. Spacebag. Bag from space sent to lay waste to all of mankind with delicious wine, dead by dawn our guts were gone we fucking puked them all over the lawn.
Track Name: Zombear
Midnight massacre, a slaughter in the church, sacrilegious killing spree, behold the fucking butchery. The congregation slain, an explosion of gore as the priest is hacked in twain, it consumes the remains, then sprays acid shit in your saviour's face. Undead creature soldiers on, the horrors only just begun. The stench of rotting meat, this killer gets smarter with every human it eats. But how can this be? Unless the beast was created in a laboratory. Created by science and a demented mind, undead spawn of hell crossed with nature's most brutal design. Killing machine, the beast lusts for meat, walk through the woods at night and meet your death. Zombear. Beware.
Track Name: Grave Digger
Born from the graves in the graveyard, from the crypts and the tombs, maniac freak lusts for teenage meat walk the graveyard at night and meet your doom. Dead but alive, ripping flesh, gouging eyes, you will suffer and then you'll die in your casket buried alive. Beneath the graveyard victims scream, beyond their coffin lids no one hears a thing. Dead alive, ripping flesh, gouging eyes, you will suffer and then you'll die in your casket buried alive. Grave Digger. Maniac freak on a mission to kill. Grave Digger. Slaughtering kids really gives him a thrill. Grave Digger. The party don't start til the blood starts to spill and he's got a grave he's just dying to fill... yours.