Inhale Awaits EP

by Spewtilator



Boris Records - BR 001 - 150 Green / 150 Black
Order direct from
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Josh Freemon @ Dead Sound
Cover Artwork by Matt "Slime" Ferri


released May 28, 2012

Jake - Drums
Rafay - Guitar
Ryan - Bass / Vocals


all rights reserved



Spewtilator Atlanta, Georgia

Smoked out, beer soaked headbangers belching burrito death breath since '07. No politics, no retro bullshit, just gore-drenched worship of the fastest riffs.

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Track Name: Xanax Fury
On a night much like this one three pot heads assembled in gloom. Dim candle light grants a horrifying sight, a baggy of bars from a casket exhumed. Barred out, fucked up, drunk as shit, beyond pissed. Another fucking game over man and he's had enough, thrashing your couches and coffee table stuff. Betrayed, isolated, your shit is fucked. Fucking come home and your living room's trashed, bong water everywhere your place smells like ass. Car windows smashed out with zero remorse, and you just stepped into the eye of the storm. Xanax fury now.
Track Name: Burn in Hell
Death, plunge into an infinite abyss, torn apart by demons as you cry out for salvation feel the flames of hell below, the repulsive reek of putrefaction makes your mind implode. Your flesh is boiling, the cacophony swells, when you're dead you'll burn in hell. Crushed, eruption of gore and splintered bone as every fiber of your being shatters instantly, smoldering atop a mountain of the damned as satan hits the bong again. Swallowed by fire, my fate is sealed, when I'm dead I'll burn in hell. Satan's lungs fill with human smoke, you writhe in agony with every toke, 10,000 years until this bowl is cashed then on the winds of hell you'll ride, your soul reduced to ash.

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